Frequently Asked Questions


why wellness?

Wellness is about returning back to source, to what gives you sustenance, brings you joy, calmness and regeneration day by day. Wellness is music, food, exercise, naps, travel, beauty and love. Wellness is also just chilling out and being in stillness. Wellness is about thriving and rising in balance and keeping up with your mental, emotional and physical health.

What can massage do for me?

- #MOOD.  Improve and regulate your mood by reconnecting to a deeper rhythm of breathing and resting. Massage promotes the release of hormones, our bodies "natural pain killers” that control our mood, sleep, and hunger. When you exercise,  or someone gives you a hug, or you listen to music, the body receives the stimulation and begins to release the happy hormones, endorphins & dopamine, or the love hormone, oxytocin. These hormones basically have you feeling good, bringing your whole being to a natural high. Same happens when you receive a massage. Those hormones are the ones doing the magic, I'm just there to activate them through manual therapy. thus, massage reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

- Massage therapy also enhances your exercise and physical performance by increasing mobility and flexibility for your body. Whether you're a runner, ball-player, guitar-player, digital designer, massage can help release tension from everyday use of these muscles.


 When you arrive to the site,  you will be greeted with hospitality, receiving a glass of cucumber/lemon infused water or a cup of tea , while we discuss your intake form to determine what your needs for a massage sessions are.  You will be asked to remove some of your clothing, completely up to your comfort level, so work can be done to your areas of complaint.  You will always be appropriately draped with soft linen sheets  while receiving bodywork.

Is massage for me?

Massage is for everyone and can be modified according to each persons individual needs and comfort level